Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy Weekend

What a gorgeous day, and we were too busy to enjoy it at home. Bob is helping our friends with the Gypsy Horse Show at the Ft. Worth Stock Show this weekend. We just love the look of these feathered beauties! Here are a few photos.

I can't wait to see more photos from the Saturday evening classes. The show is being run in conjunction with the Miniature Horse Show. I wish I could be there.

I had a judging assignment at a cat show in Brenham, which is a great little town in southern Texas. So we went in opposite directions from home.

I did get home in time to enjoy some sunshine. I let the ewes with lambs out to graze for a little bit. The babies nibbled on the grass and enjoyed hopping around for a little while. Since they don't live together they got to actually "meet and play" for the first time. Those ol' bossy moms were always breaking them up though.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Coyote Deterrent?

A really special, extra sweet friend of mine who also has Tunis sheep just recommended a coyote deterrent that her husband uses on her farm in Ohio. Testing at Unicorner Farm will begin this weekend and I will let you know the results and might be persuaded to share the "secret" recipe if it works.

Click here to view Follow-up posted Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tail banding day

The girls are three days old ... time to band their tails. I did a lot of research before we docked our first lambs born back in 2007. There is a lot of controversy over tail lengths if you do an internet search on tail docking of sheep. Articles on the 'net had convinced us that medical problems might arise if they are docked too short so we used the guidelines there.

And the Tunis breed is a descendant of the fat-tailed sheep of northern Africa. The Tunis breed standard says "The Tunis has a slight "fat tail" and should not be docked too short." It goes on to mention "The tail should be no less than one inch in length in accordance with Sheep Industry Development Program, Inc, recommendations for breeding stock. It has pronounced width."

So after much care we banded them "on the long side." This is a photo of the first one - Ruby. Yes, we even brought them in the house to do the banding. See the black ink from the Sharpie we used to mark the spot? She was more interested in Bobo our cat than she was the tight band on her tail.

Needless to say I was very surprised when I walked into the barn at our first sheep show, those sheep just didn't have any tails left. None, nothing, nada...

Well, today, we weren't ready to go that far and don't have any shows nearby so we doubt these will ever be show sheep. So the three girls today will be left with a "happy medium" about an inch to an inch and one half. Short enough for cleanliness and long enough for a little "privacy".

A tetanus shot, a quick band on the tail, a kiss on the head and we were done with those three.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lamb Watch Update

A quiet night last night, well except for the coyotes that were yipping and howling again. They've been extra active the past week. They sure make an eerie sound and I am really nervous about them being so close. Bob goes out and turns the lights on and it scares them away. They aren't ever as close as they sound but it still scares me. I did notice that on Monday and Tuesday nights when the weather was bad we didn't hear them. Could be something to the theory that mamas give birth during bad weather because the predators aren't out.

Tessa still likes to have some additional milk from the bottle, Terra will usually take about an ounce if I insist. Covering her eyes with my gloved hand seems to persuade her to nurse on it for a bit. Guess she forgets for a moment that it isn't her mom.

Tami is doing great too, she and mom, Mimi, are next door to the twins and watch us and wait for some attention to come their way. Tami will be a fast grower with all the milk that Mimi has for her.

Aren't the Tunis lambs cute? I just love that Irish Setter red color! So far none have had white on the top of their heads, a common trait of the Tunis breed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another lamb!

What a night! Miserable cold and wet, but we have another baby! This is Mimi and her little ewe lamb. She was born about 8:30 last night. Luckily I was out to bottle feed the other two and was able to move her into her own pen which sheep people call a "jug". This little girl is quite a bit bigger than Terra and Tessa and she's fuzzier. We will be looking for a "T" name for her.

I started naming the lambs by a letter of the alphabet so I can easily keep up with their age. 2007 was the first year we had lambs, Rufus and Ruby got named first so I decided to go with R for that year. We were without a ram in 2008 so we had no babies other than the two we bought, we named them Sierra and Sassy.

Terra and Tessa are doing good, I was a bit concerned this morning that Terra wasn't interested at all in a supplemental bottle and seemed to be listless. Bob checked Binky and got a little milk from her. I brought them both in the house to warm up, it was 24 degrees outside with ice glistening in the sun.

I waited 2 hours to see if she would take a bottle. Bob had milked a little from Mimi and I was hoping to get it down her. No way... though Tessa thought it was great. I took her back to Mom hoping she would nurse. And yes, that is what she wanted. Apparently she had been getting enough from Binky and just wasn't hungry enough to take the bottle. So they are back with their mom and hopefully she will have enough to feed them now. I will offer them some again this evening to see if they are hungry.

Here is a photo of Binky in the front, Mimi behind her and the ewes in waiting in the outside run. I guess my worries that we would have no lambs again were in vain, I noticed this morning that another ewe, Spring, is bagging up!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Update

Terra and Tessa are doing good, but still not having much luck nursing on their mom. I offered them some milk replacer in a bottle and they loved that. I let them have a couple of ounces each and hope they will continue to try Mom for some more. We will offer them some more mid afternoon and hopefully Binky will start producing soon.

Binky is the mother of Rufus, our first bottle baby. But she had rejected him, it wasn't a milk issue. Everybody at work is asking if I am going to bring them to work with me. Hopefully NOT! Though they are really cute little girls. These are the first lambs sired by our ram from New York.

First Babies of 2009!

Yippee! We have LAMBS!
Binky presented us with two little girls early this morning. They seem to be doing well but I am concerned that Binky doesn't have milk yet. I've given them some NurseMate ASAP to get them started but will have to go get some milk replacer in case Binky doesn't start producing soon.

And I have to get new heat lamps, couldn't find one that worked this morning and there is an ice storm on the way. I came to work early and will go home as soon as TSC opens so I can swing by there and do some "shopping."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson

Very nice interpretation by Rex Babin.
And some added observations....
Mysterious Ways of the Lord
I never thought I would enjoy watching the news about an airplane crash. But the Lord works in mysterious ways, and with a sense of humor!
First: No one died!
Second: The passengers standing on the wing appeared to be walking on water!
Third: It removed Obama from the headlines for 24 hours!
Fourth: No one in the government could take credit for the miracle!
Fifth: They could not blame George Bush!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Meet Ashleigh and Allison - new mini owners

We delivered Buccaneer and Maui Waui to their new owners today. The boys took all the excitement of a new place and DOGS in stride! We were proud of them and hope that their new owners will enjoy having them as members of their family for many, many years. A BIG Thank You to the Renfro family of Florence, Texas for purchasing these two boys!

I also updated the "Specials" page on the website at - check out our discounted "Valentines"!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

One left, Buccaneer and Maui to leave Saturday

Well, the website certainly helps promote our miniature horses. We have sold Buccaneer and Maui Waui to a lovely family from Florence, Texas. We will be delivering them Saturday if all goes as planned. There will be two little girls waiting to spoil them.

Now it would be great if we can find a home for Boomer so he won't miss his buddies. He really is my favorite boy from last year, I love his blaze face. He is the smallest of the three.

Unicorner Rowdy Boomer is a full brother to our younger stallion, Unicorner Rowdy Batman. Boomer will probably mature to look a lot like his brother.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A new video of one of our minis for sale

This is a short video of Unicorner Rowdy Buccaneer, a silver buckskin miniature horse.

Buccaneer or "Bucky" for short is for sale and more information and photos can be seen of him on the website at

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My "real" job... keeping me BUSY... but that is typical during January. It is trade show season and as marketing specialist, it keeps me hopping. New brochures, new ads and trade show furnishings all are due at the same time.

I work for Manitou, an international manufacturer of rough terrain forklifts and other material handling equipment. It really is a good place to work. I have worked here at the U.S. subsidiary for 13 years now.

We even have two office cats, K-D and Mani who make the time at work more enjoyable. Their mother had them in the ceiling at our old plant and one weekend they fell between the wall of the engineering department. Luckily, their mewing was heard and after removing the paneling these two and four others were rescued.

Their mom was nowhere to be found, they must have been looking for her when they stumbled into the gap. We found homes for the others and our president of the company allowed us to keep these two. Named appropriately for the company (it was then K-D Manitou).

Happy (Kinda) New Year

I hope everyone is having a good year so far, can you believe it is already the middle of January.

The photo is of my darling son, Jeff and his girlfriend, Robin.