Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another lamb!

What a night! Miserable cold and wet, but we have another baby! This is Mimi and her little ewe lamb. She was born about 8:30 last night. Luckily I was out to bottle feed the other two and was able to move her into her own pen which sheep people call a "jug". This little girl is quite a bit bigger than Terra and Tessa and she's fuzzier. We will be looking for a "T" name for her.

I started naming the lambs by a letter of the alphabet so I can easily keep up with their age. 2007 was the first year we had lambs, Rufus and Ruby got named first so I decided to go with R for that year. We were without a ram in 2008 so we had no babies other than the two we bought, we named them Sierra and Sassy.

Terra and Tessa are doing good, I was a bit concerned this morning that Terra wasn't interested at all in a supplemental bottle and seemed to be listless. Bob checked Binky and got a little milk from her. I brought them both in the house to warm up, it was 24 degrees outside with ice glistening in the sun.

I waited 2 hours to see if she would take a bottle. Bob had milked a little from Mimi and I was hoping to get it down her. No way... though Tessa thought it was great. I took her back to Mom hoping she would nurse. And yes, that is what she wanted. Apparently she had been getting enough from Binky and just wasn't hungry enough to take the bottle. So they are back with their mom and hopefully she will have enough to feed them now. I will offer them some again this evening to see if they are hungry.

Here is a photo of Binky in the front, Mimi behind her and the ewes in waiting in the outside run. I guess my worries that we would have no lambs again were in vain, I noticed this morning that another ewe, Spring, is bagging up!

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Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I'm really enjoying the lamb photos! The one at the top is too sweet.
Thank you!