Thursday, May 31, 2007

The May Rains Brought Many Flowers

We have been having record rains this month, the driveway has washed out badly and the horses and sheep are muddy. The ponds are overflowing and mosquitos are out in force. BUT just look at some of the flowers we've been blessed with!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Amish farm views

Monday we drove around Holmes County, Ohio, the largest Amish settlement in the world. We visited a huge hardware store in Kidron called Lehmans. It had all kinds of tools and gadgets, mostly for people who don't use electricity. We really liked the bell room, where you could find everything from sleigh bells to cow bells to dinner bells.

We loved driving by the farms and looking at all the horses. Lots of foals around. We took many, many photos. Here are a few of the photos we took.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

National Tunis Sheep Show and Sale

We attended the Tunis Show and Sale this weekend. Yesterday the entries were judged. Bob took this photo of one of the Tunis Sheep awaiting his show class.
Can you believe a sheep can have that much expression! That's why we like the Tunis breed.

Here's another photo that shows you their personality. This is Lane Brown (no kin) from Lodi, OH and his Tunis ram.

We had a great time visiting with all the folks at the show. Sheep people seem to be really friendly.

The sale was today, and though we didn't buy any there were several we would have liked to bring home. I couldn't figure a way to get them on the airplane though.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our trip to Ohio

We are visiting the Wooster, Ohio area this holiday weekend for the National Tunis Sheep Sale and Show. We enjoyed a drive through neighboring Holmes County this morning where we spotted this small herd of miniature horses.
The Amish farms are beautifully kept and we were amazed at the amount of buggies on the roads.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Updated Birman Cat Website

I maintain a website for my friends who raise Birman cats. I recently updated it and wanted to invite blog readers to take a look. It's at
Birman cats are fantastic pets, beautiful, long-haired but don't mat like Persians/Himalayans. They have pretty little white feet and gorgeous blue eyes.
Our "BoBo" is half Birman, half Oriental Shorthair. A breeding to introduce the cinnamon point gene to the Birman breed.
Our son still owns the last Birman we raised at Unicorner - El-Roy, a very spoiled Seal Point.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another parading mini from Unicorner Farm

Here is another Unicorner Miniature horse, Unicorner Rowdy Rendezvous, being ridden in a parade by her new owner.

Larger minis can make excellent mounts for small children with the proper training.

Unicorner Minis Make a Splash

It is nice to receive photos of horses that we have raised. We just received these taken at the 61st Annual Opening of the Beach Parade in Jacksonville, Florida. These two Unicorner raised miniature horses --- Daisy and Misty have been owned by the Napier family since they were little fillies back in 1999. Here they are shown being admired by parade goers.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Meet Wally and Taz

This is Unicorner Black Walnut aka "Wally" and Unicorner Rowdy Razzmatazz aka "Tazz", two of our miniature horses. They were very interested in what we were doing.

Sunday afternoon we took them for a walk and we took a short video of each to put on the website. You can view the videos (they take a while to download) at The files are named Tazz07 and Wally07.

Both of these geldings are for sale and would make great driving horses.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sheep in the Sun

Truly the light is sweet, And it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the sun
[Ecclesiastics 11:7]

What beautiful weather we are having, praise the Lord! This was taken this week with our new little pocket digital camera. I took it "into" the sun with those redbud leaves hiding some of the brightness. I was able to get lots of red in the photo - oleander blooms, yucca blooms AND our redheaded sheep in the background.

Those are our registered Tunis ewes and lambs, really sweet sheep and the lambs are born a gorgeous Irish Setter red. Adults keep their red heads and legs and have fine, creamy wool. Bob has sheared our adult ewes so now we have some wool we don' t know what to do with.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Mighty Gecko Hunter

This is Clyde of Unicorner aka "BoBo", our house cat, enjoying one of his favorite pasttimes ... trying to catch geckos through the glass.

At night the lights attract bugs to the windows which attract these little lizards which then attract Bobo. He spends hours digging on the window but can't understand why he can't get them.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The finished product

Here he is, the new and improved Hazey. Such a sweetheart, he was a little angel for his clip. Watch his video "Hazey Gets Clipped" online at

Baby's first clip

The lovely spring weather is the perfect time to clip the new babies. Here is a photo of Lucky Four Mary Jane and her son, Unicorner Rowdy Silver Haze aka "Hazey," receiving his first clip yesterday. His silver dapple color is so much prettier now that he has been clipped. I'll post an after photo soon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ring around the Sun

Today we saw a rare site in Waco... a halo around the sun. I found it hard to get a good photo of it, but here's the best I could do.
According to articles on the Internet, the halo is formed because cirrus clouds contain ice crystals. Light is refracted when it enters the ice crystal and once again when it leaves the ice crystal.
The two refractions bend the light by 22 degrees from its original direction, producing a ring of light observed at 22 degrees from the Sun.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our new mini horse/sheep trailer

This is our new mini horse/sheep trailer. We ordered it a few weeks ago after Bob sold our older trailer to some mini buyers. We drove over to Alabama this past weekend and picked it up.

Now we have to customize it by having our farm name printed on it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

New Addition to the Farm - Indian Summer

This is Summer, our new buckskin miniature mare. Isn't she a cutie. She's less that 32 inches tall! And she has pinto markings too!

We bought her at the AMHR Miniature Horse Show in Belton, Texas last weekend. Her full name is Zoars Darmonds Indian Summer. You can see more photos of Summer on her page on the website at

We hope she and Unicorner Rowdy Batman will make pretty babies together.

Welcome to our new blog

I decided it was time for something new to go along with the website. Be sure to visit it since we update it frequently. Go to often.