Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our smallest foal...

Unicorner Captain America
Unicorner Rowdy Batman x Lucky Harts Magic Libby
"Captain" is our smallest foal this year and our only colt (male). He was born April 17th and his mother is one of our smallest mares. He is a darling sorrel with a perfect diamond on his forehead.
Captain will be for sale when he is weaned (late August).

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dragonfly grows up...

Easter Acres Bay Dragon x Alchemist Golden Locket
See past posts about Dragonfly on 4-18-09, 4-27-09, 9-8-09.

Extreme Mini Makeover...

Unicorner Merry Juanita
Unicorner Rowdy Batman x Lucky Four Mary Jane
It's amazing what a difference clipping makes! We didn't even know she had four white feet until we got them clipped!
Juanita gets her overo markings and blue eyes from her father, Batman who is marked very similar. Juanita will be a silver dapple with white mane and tail. Can't get much splashier than that!

The "Dragon" at Unicorner

Easter Acres Bay Dragon
Landry's Kajun Red x Easter Acres Midnight Satin
We were out taking photos of our 2010 foals to get them registered and decided we needed some of our newest stallion, Dragon, too.

  This is Unicorner Rowdy Satin Sash - a filly we call "Sasha" who has the same mother as Dragon does - our pretty Midnite Satin. Sasha's sire is our 26-year-old Rowdy son - Phaze I Lone Star Rowdy.  There aren't a lot of Rowdy granddaughters still being born, and we are very blessed to still have a breeding son of his.  You can read more about the "Immortal Rowdy" on our website at the following link: http://www.unicornerfarm.com/rowdy.htm.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Smarter than the average ... sheep?

We are enjoying our new sheep we added to the Tunis flock. We named the new ram "Troy". He's good natured and can be very resourceful when it comes to getting choice leaves from the trees around the yard. I can see now that the few rose bushes we have left are doomed.
The new ewes have made theirselves at home, we were able to shear them soon after we brought them home. Since we are already having days with 100+ degree heat index I am sure that they appreciate their haircuts.

Friday, June 4, 2010

As we drove through Missouri, narrowly side passing a big thunderstorm, we made great time. And the clouds kept the temperature down, a blessing for a trailer of nine sheep.

As we got into Kansas, we knew we were nearing the end of our "treasure" hunt... look at this neat rainbow up in the clouds.

We picked up our last Tunis lamb at the home of Ted and Amy Ferm. And headed for home. We actually made it by midnight and unloaded our new sheep during a much needed rain.

I will post more photos soon of the sheep.

Next stop... Illinois...add 5 more

After getting the truck we went by the fairgrounds, empty now of all but our lonely sheep trailer. Hitched up and headed to Darling Farm near Zanesfield to pick up our first four Tunis. What a gorgeous farm, beautiful grounds, a lake, nice barns and house and fabulous Tunis! Wish we could have enjoyed the Dunham's hospitality longer but we loaded the sheep and headed for Illinois to pickup some more.
We made arrangements with Kevin Schultz to meet in Champaign so we could hit the interstate south. We transfered five new ewes into the trailer on a Lowe's parking lot about 9 p.m.  I think that our new ram thought he was in heaven. ;-)

Bob wanted to continue driving as long as he could. So we made it as far as St. Louis that night. Watered the sheep and said good night and got a quick night's sleep at the Red Roof Inn.  Up early so we could keep moving and keep the sheep cool.  We had one more stop planned... Independence, Kansas.

Trip to Amish country

A trip to Ohio wouldn't be complete without driving through Holmes County. We love to get homemade bread, butter and fry pies at Herschbergers. They have added some new barns for their petting zoo. One has a ramp so the goats can climb to the roof.
They also have this huge Belgian, now that's a big horse! Makes our Xena and Freda look small.

Side Trip to Mohican Park

Here are some scenes from Mohican Park, we drove around on Memorial Day and saw some new scenery.

Tunis Sale - a Treasure

Now we know what the worst part of the trip was, but it's hard to say what was the best part. I was super pleased with my ram, and loved my two lambs, but maybe it was getting to buy this beautiful ewe!
This ewe from Darling Tunis Farm took first in her class and got serious consideration for championship.

When the auction came around Sunday I was pretty down in the dumps. I had hoped to buy that ewe but knew she would be one of the highest priced and we were facing a repair bill at the Chevy dealership. I had picked out some others that were lower placed in the show if I couldn't get this one. Bob was taking photos for the Tunis website and sitting next to me. When they brought her in the bidding went crazy, finally tapering off when Bob asked me if I wanted to bid on her. I asked if he thought we could afford it and he said sure, we have the tax refund. Guess that's what I should name her, because I ended up with her!

And the bad news...

Bob was sure it was the fuel pump and unfortunately it was 5:30 pm and no one was open. He checked the phone book for places to have it fixed hopefully on Saturday morning. He arranged to have a tow truck take it to a Chevy dealer in a nearby town (Rittman) early Saturday morning. They were only going to be open to 12, but we hoped that wouldn't be a problem. Our plans were to leave Sunday after the sale and go to Illinois to pick up some Tunis there.

Bob had the truck at Laria Chevrolet when they opened and explained to the service manager that we were stranded. So much for customer service, good ol' Mark didn't bother to give Bob a hint that they wouldn't even try to get to it, choosing instead to take other appointments. At 10:30 when Bob checked on it he was told they "might" not be able to get to it. I called him and pleaded, begged and cried but he couldn't be bothered. So we were stuck... at least they rented cars so we were able to get around for our extended stay in Wooster.

It's a horrible feeling to be stranded but we chose to consider it a blessing and enjoy our extra time. Luckily our friends had flexible work and our bosses also understood when we called in to say we wouldn't be back at work on Wednesday and possibly not until Friday.

Thankfully we have wonderful sheep friends too, many offered help and support. Louise and Jim took the ram and lambs and the ewe we bought at the sale to their house since they lived not too far away.

And come Tuesday, they called Bob to tell him sure enough it was the fuel pump, BUT they didn't have one in stock and it would be several hours before they could get one out of Akron. Bob told them he would find one and get it to them since we wanted to leave by noon if possible. He rounded up one at Napa Auto Parts and had it delivered that morning. By 1 pm they did have it ready and we finally were on the road by 2 to resume our great sheep adventure.

We made it to Wooster

We spent the second night in Dayton, Ohio and made the final drive into Wooster on Friday morning.
When we arrived at the fairgrounds we unhitched the trailer and I found my friends Walter and Denise Clark who showed me the ram they brought me.
Then I found other dear friends, Louise and Jim Dunham who were bringing me a ewe lamb. They surprised me with an additional lamb "because they didn't want one to be lonely"... I'm glad because they are both precious!
Bob, Charles and Ann went on to check in at the hotel and rest. I sat in on the board meeting and enjoyed catching up with old friends. After the meeting, I called Bob to come and get me and on our way to the hotel the truck started trying to die.

Sights on our trip...

Caught sight of this sign at a BP gas station, guess they should know:

Sights on our trip...

Cross - Effingham, Illinois.
From their website at http://www.crossusa.org/
The Cross Foundation completed a 198 foot Cross at the intersection of Interstates 57 & 70 in Effingham, Illinois. The site is intended to serve as a beacon of hope to the 50,000 travelers estimated to pass the site each day. The Cross Foundation is dedicated to building both faith and family on an ecumenical basis.

As a reference to how big this cross is... that's Charles standing at the base:

The 2010 Great Sheep Treasure Hunt is Over

We had a great vacation to Ohio to attend the 2010 Great Lakes Fiber Show where our National Tunis Sale is hosted each year. Bob and I and our friends Charles and Ann left last Wednesday and barring some car trouble while in Wooster we had a great trip. We made it back home this past Wednesday at midnight, Bob did a great job driving us all the way there and back with that last day driving more than 16 hours!

I will share some photos as I get them off the camera. Our first stop was in Tunica, MS where we stayed at the Horseshoe Casino. We have been there a few times now and the "boys" love to play slots. This is a sunset view over the Missippi River from our room.