Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My "real" job... keeping me BUSY... but that is typical during January. It is trade show season and as marketing specialist, it keeps me hopping. New brochures, new ads and trade show furnishings all are due at the same time.

I work for Manitou, an international manufacturer of rough terrain forklifts and other material handling equipment. It really is a good place to work. I have worked here at the U.S. subsidiary for 13 years now.

We even have two office cats, K-D and Mani who make the time at work more enjoyable. Their mother had them in the ceiling at our old plant and one weekend they fell between the wall of the engineering department. Luckily, their mewing was heard and after removing the paneling these two and four others were rescued.

Their mom was nowhere to be found, they must have been looking for her when they stumbled into the gap. We found homes for the others and our president of the company allowed us to keep these two. Named appropriately for the company (it was then K-D Manitou).

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