Sunday, February 22, 2009

Follow-ups - coyote deterrent and bachelor pads

1] Coyote deterrent - seems to be working... so the secret recipe... human urine. That's it, just have the man of the house pee on the fence posts around your farm (preferrably under the cover of darkness) and the coyotes go elsewhere. So far, so good. Thanks, Jim and Louise Dunham of Darling Tunis for the tip. And thanks to Bob for making those applications!

2] Miniature stallions and rams don't mix.... at least not ours. Everything was fine in the turnout area but when we put the ram in Batman's pen...uh-uh, no sheep sharing his territory. So Ralph is in the pen next to the ewes, and wow, what he can do to a wire panel. Guess we will have to shear him soon and put up an electric fence.

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Davis said...

We tried urine, my whole family was outside squatting, even the ladies! Then we lost our yorkie. :( We tried one of those mechanical cougar growl deterrents and it worked great until it fell apart after less than a year. It was expensive and we didn't want to plunk down the cash again so we picked up a CD that pretty much does the same thing. We put it in 2 CD radios on either end of our porch and haven't seen any coyotes since. I think it's a good deal. They sell them on ebay and at Be careful, it'll scare the hell out of you if you're not careful. ;)