Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lamb Watch Update

A quiet night last night, well except for the coyotes that were yipping and howling again. They've been extra active the past week. They sure make an eerie sound and I am really nervous about them being so close. Bob goes out and turns the lights on and it scares them away. They aren't ever as close as they sound but it still scares me. I did notice that on Monday and Tuesday nights when the weather was bad we didn't hear them. Could be something to the theory that mamas give birth during bad weather because the predators aren't out.

Tessa still likes to have some additional milk from the bottle, Terra will usually take about an ounce if I insist. Covering her eyes with my gloved hand seems to persuade her to nurse on it for a bit. Guess she forgets for a moment that it isn't her mom.

Tami is doing great too, she and mom, Mimi, are next door to the twins and watch us and wait for some attention to come their way. Tami will be a fast grower with all the milk that Mimi has for her.

Aren't the Tunis lambs cute? I just love that Irish Setter red color! So far none have had white on the top of their heads, a common trait of the Tunis breed.

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I have been no where near as excited this year as I was last year about this time, you're giving me the fever though :)
They are adorable; Tunis are beautiful. We could be a bit prejudiced though lol