Friday, June 27, 2008

Sugar and Spice Update

Here's my two favorite great nieces! They are growing up quickly!
That is Avery on the left and Rylie on the right.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tunis sale and the drive home

Saturday after the show, there was a banquet for the Tunis people. We ate at a wonderful German food restaurant. We were served family style and the food was scrumptious. Later there was an auction to benefit the Tunis Youth Group.

On Sunday it was time for the Tunis sale, all the sheep in the show came back to sell at auction. It was a great sale, a record breaking price was set for the Grand Champion Ewe. We took photos of them all and they are on the National Tunis website, which I maintain.

After the sale we headed back home, spending the first night in Louisville, Kentucky and then driving all the way back to Waco on Memorial Day. Bob did almost all of the driving and though gas ranged from $3.75 to 4.00 we still had a very fun and memorable trip.

The Tunis Show Winners

Saturday we attended the Tunis sheep show, here were the top two winners:

Grand Champion Ram was owned by Kelly Stumpe

Grand Champion Ewe was owned by Leon and Barb Cassell

Our final leg into Wooster

After spending the night in Cincinnati, we continued on to Wooster, our destination for the National Tunis Sheep Show and Sale. We had a great trip up and didn't even get lost... mainly because I purchased a Garmin Nuvi200 navigation system before we left. What fun we had with "Carmen" on the trip, it was like having a fifth person in the truck. We were giving her credit for having a human personality before we reached "our destination"... she must have gotten tired of us pulling off for potty breaks and photo ops... she had to say "re-calculating, re-calculating" a zillion times.

We love to drive through Amish country when we are in Ohio. The rolling hills are beautiful in May. There are lots of flowers in bloom and the pastures are so green.

We stopped at one nursery/bakery/petting zoo named Hershberger's. We had a great time feeding the animals and smelling the flowers and baked goods! We bought loaves of bread and fresh butter for lunch and topped our meal off with fry pies! WOW, now that's good eating!

There was this HUGE Belgian, he had to be one of the largest horses in the world!

Our dream castle...

Right in the middle of bluegrass country... this castle is being built. We had to stop and get our photo taken in front of it. What a dream place that would be for Unicorner Farm!

The Creation Museum

Our next stop on our road trip was Cincinnati. We spent the afternoon at the Creation Museum near the airport. What a wonderful place! We could have spent a full day there.

Just as the name implies, the entire museum is focused on explaining how God created the world just as the Bible says, in six days.

There were displays on the dinosaurs that existed alongside man, how Noah was able to save enough to repopulate the world, how the vast changes after the flood formed the world as we know it today.

We totally recommend this museum! And be prepared to believe!

For more information about the Creation Museum go to

Here is a short video of one of the museum's exhibits. Ann and Charles posed with this remarkable dinosaur...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Road trip - 2008

It has been a while since we took a real "road-trip" with our buddies, the Hoehns. For us to qualify for a roadtrip means it is at least a thousand miles one way... This one ended up being about 1300 miles one-way.

We drove to Tunica, Mississippi the first day. Spending the night at the Horseshoe casino. We had a great time, the suite was beautiful and reasonable with 4 people sharing. Bob even came away WITH extra money.

The next day of driving got us to Lexington, Kentucky. We stopped at Onyx Cave on the way. We always try to find a cavern to visit on our trips. We have seen Mammoth Cave and weren't quite up to doing that again, so Onyx was just right.

Then a drive through Abe Lincoln's countryside. Ahhh, the bluegrass and white fences... and beautiful horses. The third morning we set out for the Kentucky Horse Park. I have always dreamed of going, it was very nice. I highly recommend it! Here are some photos.

The beautiful entrance to the park:

Cute statues of foals in front of the welcome center:

Iris plants were at peak bloom and the statues around the park were a treat to see:

Bob being dwarfed by the "Big Barn"... now, that's a BARN!:

There was a presentation of several famous horses that lived at the park, this is Cigar, who had an incredible 16 race winning streak... he won $9,999,815! Now, that's a RACEHORSE!

We also enjoyed the parade of breeds, they showed a Friesian, a Spanish Norman, a Welsh and a Marwari. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have more. The Spanish Norman:

The Marwari, a breed from India... known for its endurance:

Cottontails and Woolyheads

The animals at Unicorner Farm are really enjoying the summer grass. The Tunis sheep are getting way too fat and the cottontail rabbits are plentiful!

Oh, how time flies...

It has been a long time since I've added to the blog...

Lots to keep us busy around the farm, church, cat shows, plus our full time jobs. We took a road trip to Ohio last month to the Great Lakes Fiber show and National Tunis Sheep Sale. I'll post more on that in a different post.

I've also been helping a friend set up a dispersal sale of his Tunis sheep. Bob Bartholomew lives in New York and he is who we bought our ram from.

He will be selling many lovely Tunis on July 5th in Ohio. You can take a look at the sale website

Good luck, Bob! We'll miss you as a Tunis breeder.