Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update on Bob

Hello, everyone on this beautiful Sunday morning. We will miss going to church today and attending the farewell lunch for our pastor, Dr. Dub Oliver. But Bob continues to improve hourly and this morning after our first walk he "passed" another hurdle, he had a bowel movement. Please join us in a big "Hallelujah, Praise the Lord"! He can now start drinking liquids and soon will be eating again, and then get out of this hospital. He hasn't taken any morphine "hits" from the pump since 3:30 yesterday and though he feels some pain, he says he can deal with it.

Thanks to everyone for keeping Bob in your prayers.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back from Ohio...should have stayed?

Things got very hectic after we got home from Wooster. I am just now catching up on emails. Bob and I got home Monday afternoon from Ohio. We went to work Tuesday, but Wednesday Bob had a colonoscopy scheduled recommended by our Dr. because Bob recently turned 55. So early Wednesday morning I took him to the clinic for the procedure. When the Dr came out and showed us a photo of a large polyp it came as a surprise but he said he had removed it and would send it to the pathology lab and have results next week. If there were any suspicious cells he would suggest that section be removed.

Bob was discharged and we went home, stopping by McD's for a breakfast sandwich. And then home for a nap. It went downhill after that. Bob couldn't get any relief from the bloating caused by the air they filled him with for the procedure. We called and they said walk around and lay on his left side. He couldn't stand the pain to lay on his left side but did walk a little. Then he sat in the recliner for a while. He called me over and said his neck felt funny when he ran his fingers over his skin it crackled like bubble wrap. Another call to the Dr and they wanted him to come in at 4. So back to the Dr office. A quick exam and the Dr asked which hospital we wanted to go to. Removing the polyp had perforated his colon. So over to the hospital for emergency surgery. He got out and into a room at 10 last night. This morning when the surgeon came in to answer questions he drew a picture of the colon and showed us that he removed over half of it!

Bob is doing really well for the type surgery he has been through. They told him tonight to use more of the morphine drip, he hasn't been pushing the button very often. He was able to get up three times today and walk a little more each time. We should get the pathology report tomorrow and the surgeon suspects it will be malignant. So we would appreciate everyone's prayers and good thoughts.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wool Show Winners

There were six ram fleeces entered
1st Place to Dave & Kim Day, Douglasville, PA
2nd Place to Joe Seavey, Canton, NY
3rd Place to Nancy Schmikdt, Collins, OH

Eleven ewe fleeces were shown
1st Place to Barbara Moore Kuller, Chapel Hill, NC
2nd Place to Laureen Howe, Wayland, NE
3rd Place to Barbara Moore Kuller, Chapel Hill, NC

Supreme Fleece to Dave & Kim Day for their ram fleece

Other entrants were Barbara Cassell, Linda Cook, Marg Finnegan, Sandra Rock.

Tunis Show Highlights

This was the first time the Tunis Association sponsored a fleece show at the Wooster show-sale. Here is a short video of the judge's comments on his placings of the ewe fleece class.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Llama shearing time

All four llamas have been sheared now. That should be a lot more comfortable for them. They are such funny animals.

They weren't amused by the whole procedure... here is "Spot" getting clipped this afternoon.

I think "Junior" looks cute in his llama-pajamas.

His sister "Blaze" was not at all happy. Below is a photo of her showing us what she is going to spit at us if we don't leave her alone. But she got over it real fast.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well, kinda like a "grandbaby"

It's always nice to hear from our previous buyers. This came today:

I purchased Unicorners Mime in Rhyme from you several years ago. Just wanted to tell you that she is still here and we still love her. Mime had her first foal this year, a little filly that looks almost exactly like her mom! We couldn't be more pleased. I've attached a picture of them. Just wanted to say thanks again.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Donkey Show Today

We visited friends today at a donkey and mule show in Belton, Texas, about 4o miles south of us.

We enjoyed walking around and taking some photos. There were some beautiful long ears there.
But that braying! That must take some getting used to!

Bottle baby


Not a lot happening around the farm. I'm still bottle-feeding our last Tunis lamb. His mom just doesn't produce enough milk for him so we supplement him several times a day. We named him... Trouble.But isn't he adorable. It really is nice to have a bottle baby, and since he lives with his mom he isn't totally dependent on us.