Friday, June 4, 2010

Next stop... Illinois...add 5 more

After getting the truck we went by the fairgrounds, empty now of all but our lonely sheep trailer. Hitched up and headed to Darling Farm near Zanesfield to pick up our first four Tunis. What a gorgeous farm, beautiful grounds, a lake, nice barns and house and fabulous Tunis! Wish we could have enjoyed the Dunham's hospitality longer but we loaded the sheep and headed for Illinois to pickup some more.
We made arrangements with Kevin Schultz to meet in Champaign so we could hit the interstate south. We transfered five new ewes into the trailer on a Lowe's parking lot about 9 p.m.  I think that our new ram thought he was in heaven. ;-)

Bob wanted to continue driving as long as he could. So we made it as far as St. Louis that night. Watered the sheep and said good night and got a quick night's sleep at the Red Roof Inn.  Up early so we could keep moving and keep the sheep cool.  We had one more stop planned... Independence, Kansas.

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