Monday, June 28, 2010

The "Dragon" at Unicorner

Easter Acres Bay Dragon
Landry's Kajun Red x Easter Acres Midnight Satin
We were out taking photos of our 2010 foals to get them registered and decided we needed some of our newest stallion, Dragon, too.

  This is Unicorner Rowdy Satin Sash - a filly we call "Sasha" who has the same mother as Dragon does - our pretty Midnite Satin. Sasha's sire is our 26-year-old Rowdy son - Phaze I Lone Star Rowdy.  There aren't a lot of Rowdy granddaughters still being born, and we are very blessed to still have a breeding son of his.  You can read more about the "Immortal Rowdy" on our website at the following link:

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