Friday, June 4, 2010

And the bad news...

Bob was sure it was the fuel pump and unfortunately it was 5:30 pm and no one was open. He checked the phone book for places to have it fixed hopefully on Saturday morning. He arranged to have a tow truck take it to a Chevy dealer in a nearby town (Rittman) early Saturday morning. They were only going to be open to 12, but we hoped that wouldn't be a problem. Our plans were to leave Sunday after the sale and go to Illinois to pick up some Tunis there.

Bob had the truck at Laria Chevrolet when they opened and explained to the service manager that we were stranded. So much for customer service, good ol' Mark didn't bother to give Bob a hint that they wouldn't even try to get to it, choosing instead to take other appointments. At 10:30 when Bob checked on it he was told they "might" not be able to get to it. I called him and pleaded, begged and cried but he couldn't be bothered. So we were stuck... at least they rented cars so we were able to get around for our extended stay in Wooster.

It's a horrible feeling to be stranded but we chose to consider it a blessing and enjoy our extra time. Luckily our friends had flexible work and our bosses also understood when we called in to say we wouldn't be back at work on Wednesday and possibly not until Friday.

Thankfully we have wonderful sheep friends too, many offered help and support. Louise and Jim took the ram and lambs and the ewe we bought at the sale to their house since they lived not too far away.

And come Tuesday, they called Bob to tell him sure enough it was the fuel pump, BUT they didn't have one in stock and it would be several hours before they could get one out of Akron. Bob told them he would find one and get it to them since we wanted to leave by noon if possible. He rounded up one at Napa Auto Parts and had it delivered that morning. By 1 pm they did have it ready and we finally were on the road by 2 to resume our great sheep adventure.

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