Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's new on the farm? Two more minis!

We acquired a gorgeous bay stallion, Easter Acres Bay Dragon, from our friends Priscilla and David Cox of Springtown, Texas. Priscilla's sister, Jan Easter of Easter Acres Miniature Horses had raised Dragon, who is sired by her Landry's Kajun Red and a mare we now own, Easter Acres Midnite Satin. Ironically, Bob has been using a photo of Dragon on his equine photography business cards (see previous post - Bob's New Venture back in March). We have always admired Dragon, and are proud to now own him. Priscilla exported Dragon to live with her in Great Britain a few years ago and he sired several miniature horses in the U.K. Luckily for us, when she and David moved back to the U.S. they brought him back with them. Along with Dragon, we also recieved NXS Dare Dreamer, they called her Goldie. Since we already have a Goldie... she will be called DeeDee. She will have a foal by Dragon next spring.

Our palomino mare, Locket was bred to him last year and we have a cute little filly we named Dragonfly.

She got to meet her "daddy" for the first time this weekend.

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