Monday, August 31, 2009

Less 4 more sheep... but a GOOD way this time!

The McPeek family of Clifton, TX came again on Sunday and picked out two ram lambs for 4-H. They had originally planned to take the twins that disappeared in the predator attacks over the last two weeks. They bought "Junior" a half brother, and "Tailor" the son of "Ralph" and "RickRack". We hated to see Tailor go since his mom was the one killed on Thursday. But we really didn't need to keep another ram.

Mr. McPeek had been so impressed by one of our rams, "Bart" on his first visit to the farm, that he asked to purchase him as well. They also bought Purdy, the twins' mother. So they are "in the Tunis business" now too!

We wish their son, Brazos, a very successful show career with the lambs!

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