Monday, August 10, 2009

Too blessed to be stressed?

A great saying, I have had to repeat it to myself quite often these days. We have been busy even though work at the office has been slow. We have used the extra time off from work (me on 32 hours a week and Bob on a week off each month) to get some things done around the farm. It has been super hot and humid so we do our outside work early or after sundown.

We took time out to go to Jeff and Robin's house warming and wedding reception Saturday. Looks like they are already finding out the joys of home ownership... tree roots in the sewer line backed up the downstairs toilet at peak party time. But everyone seemed to enjoy the party... we took a stab at the Jamaican theme in honor of their honeymoon destination. I spent the day before baking pineapple upside down cupcakes and rum cake. Bob did a great job helping cut up veggies for shish kabobs. There was plenty of food for the big crowds that came buy to welcome them to their new home. Robin's parents brought lots of fresh fruit and deli sandwiches.

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