Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A long night for Trooper (and Bob)

Trooper is having a really tough time. We are really starting to worry. Doc prescribed muscle relaxers for his spasms and it really knocks poor Tooper out. There was a time last night that Bob was really worried he wasn't going to wake back up. And when the Ace does start wearing off Trooper's heart rate goes up and his breathing gets too fast again. It is hard to find a happy medium.

Trooper had his second big tetanus anti-toxin shot this morning. So we pray that he will start to improve. His jaw totally locked during the night so getting him to eat is difficult, Bob milked Jasmine and is giving him a little at a time. Bob took another day of vacation to stay home and do what he can to keep Trooper comfortable.

We appreciate everyone keeping Bob and Trooper in your thoughts and prayers!

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Carin said...

Keep fighting Super Trooper!