Thursday, April 16, 2009

Busy week on the farm

Bob and I have been steadily working on getting the flock sheared. Two more to go and they'll all be naked! All the sheep got their annual shots and were wormed a couple of weeks ago. We still lack getting their hooves trimmed. I meant to do that when I sheared them, but got half way through the flock and realized I hadn't done any.

All of the miniature horses had their hooves trimmed (by a friend of ours who is a farrier). They also received a tetanus booster after our tragic loss of Trooper to tetanus.

Even Bob went in for a check-up yesterday and got a booster. I'll get one next time I go to the doc, I wish Bob could just give me one of the horse vaccines. ;-)

We've had pleasant weather and with the longer days it is nice to be able to get some chores done outside.

What little time I've had on the computer I've been playing on Facebook. They have a cute little game called Hatchlings where you search for eggs and they hatch into little critters. Mindless and time-consuming but a nice break. Lots of my cat show friends are on it and we have lots of fun sharing photos and stories. If you haven't joined Facebook already, I recommend it as a great social network.

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