Sunday, April 5, 2009

Annual Mission City Cat Show

I judged for one of my favorite clubs in New Braunfels, Texas on Saturday. It was there 26th annual show and I think I have been to everyone of them.

The entries were down this year, but the quality of the cats was fantastic. There were lots of new and rarer breeds there this year too.
I found two neat "wooly" cats that I had to get my camera out for. The one above is a Selkirk Rex - Longhair, gorgeous color too.

This is the shorthair variety, look at that neat wooly coat. Just like a lamb!

I had so much fun judging the cats because we had plenty of time with the lower entry.

One cool Norwegian Forest Cat decided he wanted to perch on top of the scratching post next to my judging table. He was pretty high up and I had to coax him down with a toy.

Below is one of the hairless breeds, a Peterbald. They originated in Russia.

Another of the newer breeds is the Toyger, I LOVE the stripes on these guys.

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