Monday, November 26, 2007

Less than a month 'til Christmas!

In less than a month it will be over... how quickly time flies. I plan to try to slow it down this year and enjoy the holidays. I found a cute little book a few years ago "How to be a Christmas Angel" by Scott Matthews and Barbara Alpert.

I'll try to share a few of their suggestions this month here on the blog as well as my own.

"Donate your caroling dollars to your Salvation Army shelter." I don't know about the "caroling dollars" but I try to keep change and dollar bills in my pocket when I shop so they will be handy if I see a SA red kettle. I know they are at Walmart already, hopefully other places as well. Unless Target changed their policy, they probably aren't there, we try NOT to shop at Target for that very reason.

Here's an easy way to donate to the Salvation Army, click on this link to make a donation on line:

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