Friday, November 30, 2007

HowToBe ACA #3

"Read one book during the holidays that affirms your faith."

Odd that this entry stood out today when I looked through my little How to be a Christmas Angel book. Bob just told me that he ordered a book that our wonderful friend Joe Schroeter has published. Joe works in the Shetland/Miniature Horse Registry office.

Here is a description of the book:

If Ye Abide in Me
by H.J. Schroeter
"Six apparent paradoxes of the Bible embody the crucial elements of the nature of Jesus. The successful progression in the mastery of these character traits, fueled by the conversion power of His word within us, allows us to become like Him and therefore acquire residency in Him. 'If Ye Abide In Me' will clearly expound this truth to the reader and therefore furnish much expertise in building the road to the abiding status. Author H. J. Schroeter is convinced that the success of this process rests solely in the willingness of the believer to be transformed by these apparent biblical paradoxes into the image of Christ. "

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