Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our Mini Panther and Lion

These are our outdoor cats, Inky is our miniature panther. He is a very good hunter, he keeps the mice population down in the barn. Unfortunately he gets a cottontail ever once in a while. If we can, we take them away from him and "relocate" them before he hurts them. Inky is about 10 years old, he was born at our old place in Lorena.

The Tunis lambs love to follow him around, much to his dismay. He also plays catch-me-if-you-can with the stallions sometimes. He has a kink in his tail now, because one of the boys obviously caught him.

The orange and white cat wandered up a few years ago. Inky finally allowed him to come in the breezeway to eat. He was really wild at first but one day he had a change of heart. We think he had a near death experience, maybe with a coyote and decided people were the least of his problems. He's still a tomcat and has a huge head, that's how he came to be named "Punkinhead".

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