Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lambs vs. Landscaping

The lambs have been enjoying the nice spring weather and tender shoots of the plants.

Here is a photo of two sets of twins nibbling on a crape myrtle bush. That's Ruffles, Rick Rack, Raquel and Reba (l-r).

Luckily I found that the crape myrtles are non-poisonous. Unlike the oleandar bush I have to keep them away from. The lambs also love rose bushes. They keep ours pruned on the bottom.

I found a helpful and informative link about poisons to animals.


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Joanne said...

Hello! Thanks for your note on my blog, sorry the link flaked out!Here's another link to the article that references Tunis Sheep. It's in Wild Fiber's Magazine, called "Commander-in-Sheep."
Hope you enjoy it!