Monday, June 4, 2007

The Bad Boys of Unicorner

This is Lone Star Rowdy and his son Batman, our two miniature horse stallions. This photo was taken seconds before they squealed and reared up in challenge. I wonder what they are saying to each other.

We found our lucky "Star" in 1995, and he has continued to live up to his name. Though his show career didn't begin until he was an eleven-year-old, Star competed in everything from halter to obstacle, jumping and costume and never let us down. At the AMHR Nationals in 1996, he was awarded Reserve Champion Senior Miniature Horse Stallion and National Champion Amateur Miniature Horse Stallion. He received his Miniature Horse Halter Hall of Fame Award in 1997, a truly proud day for Unicorner Farm. Star is retired from the show ring now and is enjoying life as the "Top Stud" at Unicorner. He is 23 years young.

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