Monday, March 1, 2010

More lambs - praise the Lord!

Friday I spent several hours moving fence panels around in the barn. We found with the new cameras there were some considerations to be made to get better reception in the house. I moved the "mamas in waiting" pen to the front stall in the center row. That meant I had to also move our new stallion, Dragon to another location... and lamb proof the panels next to his run. I didn't want a lamb crawling through the panels to visit him... he might think that was a great toy.

When Bob came home Friday evening he moved the cameras around for me to get the best views. He moved Mimi into the waiting pen just in time. She started lambing about 9 that evening.

He was still in the barn when she started delivering so it was nice to watch an "uneventful" delivery. She had her little ewe lamb first, cleaned it up a bit and then laid down and had a little ram lamb. I helped her dry them off since the temperature was dropping.

She was a great mom, licking and talking to them and urging them to the right place for their first meal. It wasn't long before both had nursed. I hooked up a heat lamp so they could dry the rest of the way. It is amazing how much fluid is involved!

Saturday morning I could hardly get out of bed. Basically I just took some meds for my sore muscles and my now stuffed up nose and moved to the recliner. I hated to miss such a pretty sunny day, but I just couldn't get going. I finally went out at the evening feeding time with Bob and snapped a couple of photos.

Bob worked most of the day on trying to get the new router to connect the cameras to the web so we can watch online. He was able to at least get the laptop and desktop to share our internet service so that will be a great help. He's still working on the web camera, lots of new stuff to learn.

Next in line is one of my favorite ewes, we call her "Quby". She is such a sweet ewe, and quite beautiful. She comes from Louise Dunham's Darling Tunis bloodlines.

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