Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Frost on the Farm

Oooh, it is a nice and sunny but chilly morning. I noticed we had our first frost this morning on the lower areas of the farm.
It should be another beautiful autumn day. We have been blessed this year to actually have the season, it seems to usually go from summer to winter here in central Texas.
We noticed that the people we have been buying hay from in previous years cut their field yesterday so hopefully we can fill the barn with square bales for what might be a real winter.
We should have LOTS of Tunis lambs next spring, Ralph, our ram has been in with 17 ewes the past month.
The miniature horses are putting on their shaggy coats and feeling fiesty in the cool air. Even the draft mares have been bucking and running a bit.
If I ever charge up my camera battery I will take some photos.

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