Thursday, June 19, 2008

Road trip - 2008

It has been a while since we took a real "road-trip" with our buddies, the Hoehns. For us to qualify for a roadtrip means it is at least a thousand miles one way... This one ended up being about 1300 miles one-way.

We drove to Tunica, Mississippi the first day. Spending the night at the Horseshoe casino. We had a great time, the suite was beautiful and reasonable with 4 people sharing. Bob even came away WITH extra money.

The next day of driving got us to Lexington, Kentucky. We stopped at Onyx Cave on the way. We always try to find a cavern to visit on our trips. We have seen Mammoth Cave and weren't quite up to doing that again, so Onyx was just right.

Then a drive through Abe Lincoln's countryside. Ahhh, the bluegrass and white fences... and beautiful horses. The third morning we set out for the Kentucky Horse Park. I have always dreamed of going, it was very nice. I highly recommend it! Here are some photos.

The beautiful entrance to the park:

Cute statues of foals in front of the welcome center:

Iris plants were at peak bloom and the statues around the park were a treat to see:

Bob being dwarfed by the "Big Barn"... now, that's a BARN!:

There was a presentation of several famous horses that lived at the park, this is Cigar, who had an incredible 16 race winning streak... he won $9,999,815! Now, that's a RACEHORSE!

We also enjoyed the parade of breeds, they showed a Friesian, a Spanish Norman, a Welsh and a Marwari. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have more. The Spanish Norman:

The Marwari, a breed from India... known for its endurance:

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