Friday, June 20, 2008

Our final leg into Wooster

After spending the night in Cincinnati, we continued on to Wooster, our destination for the National Tunis Sheep Show and Sale. We had a great trip up and didn't even get lost... mainly because I purchased a Garmin Nuvi200 navigation system before we left. What fun we had with "Carmen" on the trip, it was like having a fifth person in the truck. We were giving her credit for having a human personality before we reached "our destination"... she must have gotten tired of us pulling off for potty breaks and photo ops... she had to say "re-calculating, re-calculating" a zillion times.

We love to drive through Amish country when we are in Ohio. The rolling hills are beautiful in May. There are lots of flowers in bloom and the pastures are so green.

We stopped at one nursery/bakery/petting zoo named Hershberger's. We had a great time feeding the animals and smelling the flowers and baked goods! We bought loaves of bread and fresh butter for lunch and topped our meal off with fry pies! WOW, now that's good eating!

There was this HUGE Belgian, he had to be one of the largest horses in the world!

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