Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Tunis Sheep Arrive at Unicorner Farm

Thank you, Bob Bartholomew of Bar-B Farms in New York! Bob was kind enough to meet us in Oklahoma, so we now have a very handsome Tunis Ram! And we also bought two nice ewes, Granny and Mimi, who each have a ewe lamb at their side from Bob. Here is a photo of all five taken on their first day at Unicorner Farm: This is the ram, he is just what we wanted! Nice body, clean legs and head, good color, attractive head shape and a good disposition. Now we need to come up with a call name for him. I think he is kind of "Regal" looking...

We will look forward to having some fall lambs out of our existing flock sired by our handsome new guy.

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