Saturday, April 5, 2008

Exciting and busy weekend

We have been having an exciting weekend, I don't know if I can handle one more day. I need to go back to work to rest. ;-)

Friday morning we both went in to work early (4 a.m.) so we could leave at 9:30 to head for Oklahoma. There were thunderstorms all around, but at 9:30 they cleared on out and we had smooth sailing. We arrived in OKC about 2:30 and picked up the new Tunis sheep. Then turned around and came back home via Lewisville so we could eat supper with our son Jeff. We had a nice visit and showed him the new sheep (he wasn't near as excited as we are). He wasn't too happy, those thunderstorms had dropped golf ball sized hail on his little black Jetta and really messed it up. Bummer!

He had a hockey game to go to so we headed back off through Dallas, at least the traffic had died down while we ate supper with Jeff. We made it home about 9 p.m. and settled the sheep into the barn and fed all the other critters.

This morning we were up early again, Bob was off to work and I drove down to New Braunfels to judge the annual Mission City Cat Club show. It was a beautiful day and I had a nice time visiting with a lot of my "cat" friends.

I got home about 7:30 this evening and checked on my new sheep. Bob and I are very happy with them. Before we could get everyone fed, one of our mini mares decided it was time to have her foal. A beautiful buckskin colt, it's been a boy year! 3 out of 4 colts so far.

Here is "Pinky" cleaning up her new son.

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