Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Barbarazweig – Or St. Barbara’s Day

Searching online for German Christmas traditions, I found that today is Barbarazweig or St. Barbara’s Day. St. Barbara is the saint of artillerymen. Her story is quite sad, her father killed her because she became a Christian.

The Germans have a tradition of placing a twig of a cherry or apple tree into a bowl of water on St. Barbara's Day; it is good luck if it blossoms by Christmas day.

Other regions in Germany will try and sprout wheat instead of branches, but the theme of growth following winter solstice is consistent. If you are unable to get a live branch from one of these trees, consider putting an apple or another fruity incense cone into a German smoker and enjoy watching the scent “blossom” and waft.

You can read more about her at this link: http://www.germanculture.com.ua/library/weekly/aa120100d.htm

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