Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Celebrate Nikolausabend - It's Nickolas Eve

Since Santa Claus suddenly appears everywhere at this time, why not remember the saint who is likely his original-- St. Nicholas, whose feast day is December 6th? His example of quiet, generous giving is worth recalling, especially for children.

St. Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra left gold coins in the shoes of poor girls who didn't have a dowry. You might leave goodies (such as gold foiled covered chocolate coins wrapped in a plastic bag) in children's shoes so that they awake on December 6th to a gift from the good saint.

I read on one website that originally children left hay and treats like carrots for St. Nicholas' horse in their shoes to be replaced with treats. Now they simply put a shoe or boot outside their bedroom door, window or by the fireplace on the evening of 5th of December, hoping to find it full of sweets, biscuits, nuts and fruit the next morning. I am sure our horses would appreciate the original idea!

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