Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cat show splash felt worldwide

As some of you know the cat club we started (Heart of Texas Cat Club) just held a regional cat show in Waco this past weekend. We knew we had some photographers at the cat show but didn't know we were going worldwide! Check out the Photos column, bottom right hand... http://www.reuters.com/

Apparently photos of the show are now popping up all over the world. One exhibitor said "I found one in the Hindustan Times."http://www.hindusta ntimes.com/ PhotoGallery/ Photos_Storypage .aspx?category= Cat%20show- Robert C. Koestler

One of our exhibitors wrote on our email group:
"The coolest thing happened this weekend in Waco at the SC Regional. On Saturday several of us noticed a couple of men walking around with some REALLY expensive camera equipment. One of them stopped and was talking to me and I asked him if he was from Waco and he told me no, that he was with the White House Press Corps as the President was in town that weekend. He and his buddy walked around for a few hours and took some pictures and asked a lot of questions.

Then they left... On Sunday he and his buddy were back with another photographer taking a lot more pics and writing down things, etc...Very interesting people, to say the least. We asked them what they were going to do with all those pics and they said that they were going to put it out on the wire service. They were working for Reuters.

Today in the San Antonio Express News on the inside page of the metro section was a picture of Terrificats Cream Soda..a cream silver and white MC owned by Karen Crooke. Yep, he was there, cowboy hat and all and it came from the Reuters news service. Talk about publicity! "

Anyway, I guess the hard work paid off... Now if only we could have a sheep and mini show while the Prez is in town....

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