Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bobo Gets A Present

Bobo aka Clyde of Unicorner, our household pet attended the cat show on Saturday. He showed last year enough to receive 16th Best HHP in the region. This weekend he hissed and grumbled his way through 4 rings and recieved three rosettes. But I knew he didn't enjoy it and absenteed him from the rest. We left him home on Sunday. I figured he would punish me for taking him to that horrible place where there were... of all things... CATS! I guess he doesn't know he is one.

To apologize to him, we bought him a cat tree he can climb on and a cute catnip mouse.

Here he is after first seeing the tree. Of course, he loves it. He loved the mouse too, so much that he disemboweled it, there was catnip all over the carpet and it was in two pieces when we got home from work.

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