Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Visit to Annbirwaves Cattery/Aviary

Last week I finally got to visit with my lifetime best friend, Ann Hoehn. We don't get to see each other enough anymore. Ann is super busy with the pet grooming business.

You never know what Ann and Charles will have at their house. They recently "got into" chickens. I took some photos of some of their strange looking varmints.

Besides the chickens there were white doves and Australian doves and some other doves with purplish necks.

These chickens were some of the stranger ones... Harry (with the big hair) has a mate named Harriet.

Ann still raises Birman cats, she has been breeding this delightful breed almost 30 years. Annbirwaves Cattery is well-know in the cat fancy. She has been working on introducing the cinnamon color gene for several years.

She had "bottle babies" in the living room so I snapped a photo of them.

We are blessed to be owned by one of her cinnamon crossbred kittens. Clyde (BoBo) has a cinnamon Oriental Shorthair mom and Birman dad. His sister Clydene has produced kittens at Ann's house that will continue in the cinnamon program.

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