Thursday, December 9, 2010

In memory of Mudpie 1987 - 2010

We had to put one of our old Tunis ewes down this past week. We sure do miss her. When I spoke to her breeder back in the summer she told me that Mudpie got her name because when she was born the ground was so muddy she ended up being covered in mud.

Muddy had a funny personality, and we think she was smarter than the average sheep. Until we brought her sisters home last summer she was the oldest on the place and she always got special treatment. She needed extra groceries and would wait until we called her name to come into the barn aisle to eat her extra ration.

We will miss the old girl, we have kept two of her daughters, Raquel and Toy and a son, Urlich. Urlich may stay on the farm as our second ram. 

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kimrday said...

So sorry for your loss, Debbi. It's always hard loosing a beloved animal.