Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another ewe lamb

We were blessed with another ewe lamb and an easy delivery. Reba had just had her little girl when Bob went to feed this morning. Bob came up with a great name for her, a "country music" legend like her mom... Trisha!

Score is now 7 girls to 5 boys...

Reba's twin sister, Raquel was moved into the "nursery" pen and should deliver this week. She is our smallest ewe and we pray that this first time lamb will be easy for her.

Reba and Raquel (named after two famous redheads... McEntire and Welch) are daughters of Mudpie, who is still in the jug (pen) nearby. Her little ewe lamb (right>) is doing fine, though she is very petite. I haven't come up with the perfect "T" name for her. Maybe Toy, Tiny, Teeny or something like that.

Her mom, Mudpie needs extra groceries since she is "elderly" so we are keeping her separated from the big flock for a while longer. She doesn't seem to mind.

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