Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where do Unicorner minis go to retire?

We have a wonderful friend Amy Moerman who lives in Texas that has taken several of our retired mares. She wrote today and sent new photos of three of them.

This is "Diva" or Lady Godiva of Unicorner.

Bob and Debbi

I thought you guys might like to see the senior ladies we have here. We have five that are over 20! Taffy--27, Tina--26, Feather--25, Diva--24, Bunny--21. If you know of anyone needing to retire a mini mare or gelding, I can take one more at this time.
These girls are fed twice a day (Purina Senior pellets) and have constant fine cut coastal in front of them. I have three of them in a dry lot with lots of trees. Feather is prone to foundering so we keep her off the grass completely.
The other two are out in the big pasture with everyone else.
Diva has a is our little 29" gelding Tex (13 yrs).
Enjoy the pics.


Feather is the pinto and Taffy is the palomino.

Thanks, Amy, for taking such good care of our senior ladies! Please give them each a hug for us.

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