Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Connecticut in Springtime

My friend and fellow cat judge, Ann and I went to Connecticut to judge a show near New Haven. We rented a car in Hartford and just drove around the state. The first day we visited Dinosaur State Park near Rocky Hill.
Then on Saturday we found a Daffodil Festival to attend in Meriden, as well as a Wool and Fiber show near Hartford. Here's some views from the Daffodil Festival.
They had a lot of things going on, parades and bands, lots of arts and crafts booths and a big tent with all kinds of festival food. I tried the fried Oreos, like they weren't fattening enough by themselves...?

The CT Wool and Fiber Fest in Vernon was a lot of fun too. They had lots of wool related vendors and some educational demonstrations. Not only sheep wool either, they had angora rabbits and alpacas there as well. They were also giving oxcart rides to the kids.

The Geneticats cat show was Saturday and Sunday in Ansonia. We judged about 150 cats each on Sunday and had a great time. Lots of wonderful entries, I especially enjoyed seeing some of the rarer breeds like Chartreux and Egyptian Mau and the new Peterbald and Savannah.

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