Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yea! I'm back from ConExpo!

Well, it was a long, hard week but I survived. ConExpo only comes around every 3 years, luckily.
It has become the largest trade show in Las Vegas. Our booth was very busy early in the week, the traffic was lighter Friday.

I came down with a bad stomach bug on Tuesday night and dragged myself to the show on Wednesday. Luckily we were staying within walking distance (at the Riviera) because I was only able to stay an hour and had to go back to my room and stay in bed the next 24 hours. Hopefully what happened in Vegas will stay in Vegas, wouldn't want to wish that bug on anyone in Texas!

We left early Saturday and I was sure glad to get home and see the animals...and Bob. ;-)

Here is a photo of some of our group. Most of the French and Italian Manitou people had left by this time on Friday.

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