Monday, May 14, 2007

New Addition to the Farm - Indian Summer

This is Summer, our new buckskin miniature mare. Isn't she a cutie. She's less that 32 inches tall! And she has pinto markings too!

We bought her at the AMHR Miniature Horse Show in Belton, Texas last weekend. Her full name is Zoars Darmonds Indian Summer. You can see more photos of Summer on her page on the website at

We hope she and Unicorner Rowdy Batman will make pretty babies together.


JanfromReno said...

She is just gorgeous! Love her color, are we into dilute? Are you going to breed her to Batman?
I love the sheep too, they look like little balls with toothpicks sticking out and deer heads.
How did you ever get into them?
Buckskin is one of may fav colors so I just have to say WOW

Bob and Debbi Brown said...

Thanks for the compliments, "JanfromReno", we are excited about what Summer and Batman may produce. A buckskin tovero pinto would be cool.

The Tunis sheep are really sweet and watching the lambs play makes us both laugh. When searching for sheep (just wanted some, don't know why) I narrowed it down to the Tunis and the Jacob breeds. Both are smaller in size and kind of rare.

Jacobs are neat, they are spotted and can have 2, 4 or 6 horns. Sometimes rather bizarre looking. I liked the connection to Jacob's breeding program in the Bible.

The Tunis is an early American breed, that almost became extinct during the Civil War. Apparantly they are quite tasty. Tunis are always the same color, Irish Setter red at birth and when they get their creamy wool as they grow they resemble the color of a red/cinnamon pointed Siamese cat. Extra points for me. ;-)

I also found while searching that the Tunis breeders were more willing to respond to my questions. And since the thought of handling an animal with 6 horns kinda scared me, we narrowed it to the Tunis.

We were able to find a breeder in Texas back in January that had some Tunis for sale and voila, we are in the sheep business. We bought five ewes...4 were now the flock is up to 12!